Deep Read Jul 2020

Innovating to survive and thrive in a post-COVID world

What will be the new normal?’ and ’how can we prepare for it?...

It is only a few months since the world had to respond to a new deadly coronavirus. As a result, we have experienced dramatic changes at home and at work. Companies are having to revise their plans in the face of a likely deep recession, new consumer behaviours, and new ways of working. It is becoming clear that although some of us wish for the world to return to its pre-COVID19 state, others relish the opportunity to make the world a different and better place.

In this uncertain environment, innovation has rarely been more important. The experts at Innovia have put on their collective thinking caps to consider what is changing, how these changes might play out in the future and how you can innovate for the post-COVID world. The levels of disruption and uncertainty call for radical, big-picture, holistic and breakthrough thinking – a mainstay of Innovia since its inception. We hope that this document will stimulate your thinking.

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