Exploring the potential of digital and automation technologies for LNG facilities


Shell’s digital transformation is allowing it to keep ahead of fast-moving technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things, AI, machine learning, and virtual or augmented reality. Shell asked Innovia to explore the potential of digital and automation technologies for liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities.


We rapidly estimated likely value based on our understanding of the industry and our cross-sector experience of application of such technologies, removing those which could never deliver sufficient value to be of interest, and highlighting those that could transform the industry. We delivered clear next steps for the prioritised technologies and a roadmap on how to quantify the potential value to Shell’s business.


Our prioritization helped to guide strategy by showing the options that could deliver the greatest short-term benefits. Our direct client said, “Within a month, they provided an extensive database of various technologies and tools, ranked and prioritised based on the maturity, potential impact and relevance. I was impressed by their ability to navigate through all the information on a large and crowded space such as digitalisation to zero in on those that would address the business challenges.”