We measure our success by the strength of the relationships we build, many spanning decades. 80% of our business is repeat business. Based in Cambridge, UK, we draw on an international talent pool in one of the world’s most entrepreneurial locations. Our teams are agile and responsive, delivering just what you need to make it happen. We tailor programmes to the needs of the individual client and to the opportunity as it develops.


We combine creativity with structure, drawing on a wide range of capabilities:

Science &
Materials Science
Soft Matter
Veterinary Science
Motivation &
Behavioural Economics
Behavioural Medicine
Cognitive Neuroscience
Consumer Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Health Psychology
Social Psychology
Sports Psychology
Business &
Business Model Innovation
Cost Reduction
Due Diligence
Innovation Training & Development
IP Landscaping & Strategy
Manufacturing Strategy
Market Analysis
Scenario Planning
Technology Roadmapping
Design &
Concept Design
Data Visualisation
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Packaging Design
Product Design
Transport Design
User Experience Design

Commitment to making it happen

Understand what's needed

Problem Exploration

To achieve a breakthrough, we put emphasis on understanding the problem, rather than jumping to solutions. This makes decisions easier and ultimately leads to more effective solutions.

Rigorous Analysis

We blend incisive analysis with real-world commercial expertise. Structured and systematic, we leave no stone unturned in the search for the best solution.

Explore what's possible

Multidisciplinary Approach

We can explore more options and create better answers than would be possible by deploying different specialisms sequentially. Our process allows multifunctional teams to work together more effectively.

Well-rounded Solutions

Our holistic approach enables us to tackle complex challenges efficiently. We ensure that solutions are well-rounded, with a scientific basis, a compelling customer proposition, and a solid business case.

Practical Solutions

We’re pragmatists, not idealists – we know what works in the real world, and factor in what’s achievable given the knowledge, resources and culture of our client.

Decide what's best

Tailored, Focused Solutions

We deliver just what you need to make it happen. Our tailored programmes focus on client needs. We aim to deliver results that win, measured by the client’s own criteria.

Actionable Solutions

Our clients own the IP we create. We offer not just ground-breaking ideas, but the plans, prototypes and communication materials needed for our solutions to succeed.

Long-term View

Integrity is first. We’re focused on establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We undertake work only when we’re sure that we can be the client’s best front-end innovation partner.