Blog Apr 2020

Perspectives on the pandemic

Read on for insights from our strategists, behavioural scientists, biochemists, and physicists...

We’ve asked some of our consultants to give perspectives on aspects of the pandemic.


1. Why, in the face of the most severe global pandemic in living memory, are people not following this advice?

2. How can well-targeted innovation help to improve the ways we respond to this crisis?

3. What factors determine whether an event leads to long-lasting changes in behaviour and attitudes?

4. How do COVID-19 tests work and what makes them a challenge?

5. What could happen next?

6. How is COVID-19 driving innovation in public health?

7. How will COVID-19 change healthcare?

8. what are the elements that create a passion to improve?

9. Digital Transformation. What? Why? How?

10. Will the pandemic shrink the intention–behaviour gap?

The consequences of this pandemic cannot be predicted. Nevertheless, as Plato said, ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’