Transforming retail experiences

Transforming retail experiences

Crafting retail experiences that drive purchase


An optimised physical retail experience can improve customer experience and improve conversion rates. One of our luxury-goods clients wanted to better engage new and existing customers in its stores. It asked Innovia to find solutions that were practical, fit with the the brand’s high-end positioning, and reduced behavioural barriers to purchase for a range of customers.


Our designers and behavioural scientists carried out in-store research in Europe, Asia and America. We structured the data to identify behavioural barriers and opportunities, and designed solutions to target them. We built cohesive visions of the retail experience through sketches and renderings, and detailed customer experience journeys for a range of customer segments.


Our client built a full-size prototype flagship store based on our recommendations, tested it with customers, and then launched the new store design globally. Our work was shared with senior executives as an example of best practice in breakthrough retail experience innovation. One VP said, “Working with Innovia was hugely valuable. You gave us a model to understand behaviour and a logical structure to guide our creative process.” We have since carried out further retail experience work with the same company to drive growth in retail sales globally.