News May 2016

Design at Innovia

Find out what it's like working as an innovation consultant with a background in design at Innovia...


Working at Innovia involves creativity within multidisciplinary teams to solve complex problems and find new to market solutions. Our tight-knit team of designers work together with behavioural scientists, engineers, business developers and PhD-level scientists. This multidisciplinary way of working helps to catapult ideas into breakthrough innovations.

Front end innovation gives you full exposure to the end-to-end design process across multiple different sectors and industries.

Designers play a key role in projects and as part of the multidisciplinary teams; from initial research and ideation through to concept development, prototype testing and communication. Translating insights from consumer behaviour, business strategy, science and technology into compelling new products and experiences that consumers will love.

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People are the key to our success and we appreciate and reward everyone’s contribution. Not only do we recognise their expertise, skills and professionalism, we value highly the things that make them unique: their passion, their dedication, their approachability and their natural ability to go the extra mile. 

What we look for in design talent:

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Innovia Technology is a fast-growing company with plenty of opportunities to work for some of the biggest companies in the world. You’ll be exposed to a wide range of design across multiple industries and get to work with excellent team members to solve challenging problems. 

Innovia can help you in your design career:
• Enhance ideation, process and strategic thinking
• Work in multi-disciplinary teams on diverse projects
• Gain a deep insight of consumer behaviour through behavioural science
• Develop as a professional and expand on current skills and tools through training opportunities
• Learn professional consulting skills and network with clients
• Develop your career – specialise in design, project management or selling


What it’s like working at Innovia within a particular discipline.

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Morris: Materials Scientist   |   Guen: Veterinary Surgeon   |   Callum: Physicist   |   Laura: Business strategist
Hannah: Product Designer   |   Oscar: Chemical Engineer   |   Haruka: Life Scientist  |   Emma: Behavioural Scientist