Future-proofing biomanufacture


GE Healthcare makes the technology that enables the manufacturing of many biological drugs. It asked Innovia to consider how its industry might change, and to define the most powerful strategic responses. It wanted to build a robust strategy to navigate an uncertain future. Two decades ago flip-phones were the next big thing, the first human genome was not yet sequenced and antibody drugs were not yet mainstream. What could we expect in the next two decades?


To make the future of biopharma tractable, Innovia identified key disruptive trends and uncertainties to define four distinct worlds. In each world, different threats and opportunities impacted GE Healthcare. We considered how novel competitive strategies and business model innovation could create a robust business across the worlds.


Innovia’s work highlighted where GE Healthcare’s current strategy was robust, and identified new strategies to capitalise on emerging opportunities, in order to help the business stay dominant for the decades to come.