Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy

Helping companies to become more innovative


Modern businesses need to innovate continuously to be competitive. From inventing new technology to rolling out new business strategies, every part of the company must contribute to creating innovative products and services.


Over the years, Innovia has supported clients in breakthrough innovation across diverse sectors and geographies. By combining these practitioners’ experience with behavioural science, Innovia created the Innovation Diagnostic Framework to assess how companies can be more innovative. The Innovation Diagnostic is a systematic and independent approach to understanding a company’s key innovation priorities and challenges at the strategic, organisational and procedural levels.The process comprises online assessments and structured interviews across business functions.


Innovia used the Innovation Diagnostic at a top-tier medical company to create a dashboard of its key innovation challenges and areas of improvement. We explored barriers to change and solutions through a workshop with company leaders and identified concrete next steps to help make the company a more effective innovator.