News Apr 2021

Behavioural Science at Innovia: FAQs about making the move from academia to industry

FAQs about our behavioural science roles, making the move from academia to industry...

Using behavioural science in the private sector is of increasing interest to students and academics in the field, but many have questions about how they will use their knowledge and training in a consultancy role. Innovia bridges the gap between academia and industry in interesting ways.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we receive from candidates about our behavioural science vacancies and how your skills translate to a commercial setting – which may also help you prepare for an interview with us.


Will I work in the same focus areas as my PhD?

Our consultants work across a range of sectors and problems, using a range of their skills. Project work does not always fall squarely within a consultant’s PhD field. Some candidates will find this an exciting prospect! However, it may not suit researchers that want to focus on specific fields of research.


I‘m good at analysing large datasets. How much data analysis can I do in this role?

We can’t guarantee that projects will include any type of primary research. We often conduct qualitative research, but our work does not frequently include analysing datasets.


Can I continue to publish research?

Our consultants do publish work in academic journals, but this is unlikely to be at the same rate as a researcher in academia. Often, our clients do not want to disclose details of proprietary work and the projects may not have publication as an agreed outcome. Our consultants continue to be involved in other professional communities and research endeavours.


How transferable are my other skills?

If you have been running courses and modules, or complex projects think about how transferable that might be to project management. If you collaborate and work across committees, think about how that’s relevant to team working. Think about how deadlines feature in your current role and how that could fit into a consulting environment. We often have competing deadlines across projects, so do consider if you might enjoy this way of working. Sometimes the skills you use as a high performing academic may help with selling and designing programs.


If you have any questions about our behavioural science roles before or after submitting an application, feel free to get in touch at and our HR team can assist you.