Communicating sustainable forestry

Communicating sustainable forestry

Communicating complex sustainability topics to consumers


Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental concerns around wood sourcing from forests. A consumer-goods client wanted to explain the environmental benefits of its partnerships with forest managers. It asked Innovia to identify how best to communicate its responsible forest-management practices to consumers.


We explored and defined the key principles of forest management, and confirmed our client’s alignment with them. We then reviewed current communications about forest management and science communications in analogous sectors. We created a model of how people engage with science communications. From that, we created a wide range of communications concepts for the client to test with consumers.


We provided easy-to-understand, tangible, and evidence-based concepts to allow the client to engage rapidly with consumers to test our hypotheses. The client particularly liked how we identified a new way of talking about the space and was pleased with the range and depth of options that we created. Together, we prioritised the most appealing and credible concepts, which will be used in future online and off-line communications.