Ray C. Anderson Foundation

Ray C. Anderson Foundation

Supporting the launch of a new technology accelerator


Innovating in infrastructure is tough: technology inventors struggle to find funding, investors are put off by slow return on investment, and regulators require well-proven concepts before deployment. The Ray C. Anderson Foundation decided to change all this. Collaborating closely with Innovia, they created The Ray, a proving ground for the innovations and technologies that will transform the transportation infrastructure of the future.


Innovia evaluated the feasibility, sustainability and scalability of a wide range of road technologies, including roadside solar installations and zero-carbon road materials made of reprocessed agricultural waste. We also established critical connections with technology providers and inventors around the globe, and developed a strategy to bring the Foundation’s vision to life.


The resulting highway demonstrates the strongest innovations in field trials. It is designed to inspire transport authorities, road technology companies and drivers around the world. Innovia’s work was presented to corporate and government partners, and we continue to support The Ray’s development.