RCVS VIVET INNOVATION SYMPOSIUM 2019 Precision Veterinary Medicine: A vision for the future

We help our clients to envision the future and plan their innovation strategy accordingly. Two of our consultants, Dr Guen Bradbury and Dr Greg Dickens, will be talking about how the veterinary profession can evolve in the era of precision medicine. They will be speaking at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Innovation Symposium on 1 October.





Guen Bradbury uses her training in pharmacology and veterinary medicine to bring fresh insight to Innovia Technology’s pharma and healthcare clients. She worked in companion animal practice for several years, then in anaesthesia, both as a clinician at Edinburgh Vet School and in critical care on trials of a bio-artificial liver. Guen is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Edinburgh, and still gives lectures and teaches small groups at the University of Cambridge. In her spare time, she runs a rabbit behaviour teleconsultancy and has published a textbook on the subject.


At Innovia, Dr Greg Dickens has worked with Jaguar Land Rover, Shell, Boeing, and others to guide and stress-test their long-term innovation strategy. Greg’s background in veterinary medicine and biomedical engineering allows a fresh perspective on the interaction between new tech and the people using it.  Before working at Innovia, Greg ran his own innovation company and was, for a short period, the Head Vet at a primate conservation institute. He has also earned a living as a fire-breather on major motion pictures and as a professional athlete. If he has spare time, he takes photos of bugs.


This year, the Symposium focuses on ‘Precision Veterinary Medicine,’ taking a bold look at how rapidly developing technology will transform the veterinary profession and the care they provide as we rapidly move to a new age of data-driven practice.

This symposium will bring together veterinary professionals and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to discuss the role of the veterinary professional and the advances in both companion and production animal care in the United Kingdom.



Early in the day, Guen will speak about the changing role of the veterinary professional as the precision medicine approach becomes more widely adopted. At the end of the event, Greg and Guen will bring together themes from the Symposium to create visions of the ‘day after tomorrow’ for vets in different sectors of the profession.

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