Feature Insights Jun 2020

How can behaviour-led innovation improve your innovation process?

We use our behaviour-led innovation approach to help some of the biggest companies in the world. How could it help you?

We use our behaviour-led innovation approach to help some of the biggest companies in the world.

We’ve helped people to reduce unsafe behaviours (read more…)
We’ve created transformational consumer experiences (read more…)
We’ve communicated the benefits of new technologies (read more…)

How could it help you?

Incorporating behavioural science in a multidisciplinary approach enables us to ensure we’re solving the right question first. Understanding how people behave allows us to ensure that our technological, design, and business innovation is focused on creating products and services that people will use. This is why we often use behavioural science right at the start of our innovation process – we call it behaviour-led innovation. Dr Helena Rubinstein, who was instrumental in building our Behavioural Science capability, has written more about behaviour-led innovation (here)  in the downloadable Behavioural Economics Guide 2020 – see pages: 113-123

In summary…

OUR PRINCIPLES for behaviour-led innovation

Holistic innovation: consider each of the business case, technical feasibility and the behaviour case in early stages of innovation.
Successful innovations require more than insights – they need behaviour change: people should buy once, buy again, use more or use less, use differently, set up new habits.

Understand how psychology and behaviour really influence our consumer choices.
A behavioural-science approach provides a theoretical underpinning that helps us to target areas that we can influence. It will ensure that we know more about what people actually do… not just what they say they’ll do.

Use evidence-based, validated models to explain observations.
Aligning with theory validated by experience gives organisations more confidence that their innovations are likely to be successful.


OUR PRoCESS for behaviour-led innovation

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