Blog Jul 2017

Behavioural Science… what’s the fuss all about?

Our latest PR and round-up of recent Behavioural Science work

Check out the latest video interview with Innovia Technology’s Helena Rubinstein, and vlogger, Nadia Morozova, explaining Behavioural Science: What is it? Why is it important? How is it different from traditional research?

Helena, a social psychologist by training, has had an extensive and prolific academic career, as well as experience of managing a renowned brand consultancy at advertising agency, Leo Burnett. Her perspective on how Behavioural Science and industry can work together has inspired various debates around key topics, from questions around the ethics of its use and which ethical guidelines would be appropriate, to its relevance to Big Data and trust. Her latest article describes in more detail the differences between good intentions and positive action, and how science can help us to better understand how to create successful innovations.

At Innovia we apply behavioural science to a broad variety of holistic innovation projects. If any of these resonate, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch by email or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay in the loop.