News May 2017

May 2017 – News from Innovia Technology

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Refine your moves with wearable electronics


Innovia has been part of a leap forward in understanding how we move. This subject has fascinated sports coaches, biomechanics scientists, and the world of dance and drama, and now gets a big boost from wearable electronics. At the last CES, Majestic, the exclusive on-field supplier to Major League Baseball®, showcased its latest innovation: the first instrumented baseball shirt that provides real-time feedback on body mechanics.

helping people to stop smoking


Innovia’s unique approach, holistic innovation, is helping companies to successfully launch new products and services for smoking cessation. In this dynamic and crowded market, digital services and use of behavioural science are enhancing the effectiveness of traditional devices and pharmaceuticals.

the ethics of behavioural science – nudging for good


With the growing use of behavioural science to steer the design of new products and services, there are rising concerns that in some cases people could be manipulated to act outside their best interests. Innovia is the first company to develop a set of guidelines to help businesses apply behavioural science with strong ethics.

Can food that’s good for you taste good, too?


Is taxing sugar and other ‘sinful’ ingredients the only way to make us eat more healthily? So much healthy snack food can be boring, bland or bizarre – partly because it can be tough for companies to process less refined, more nutritious ingredients. We’d really like a healthy snack food that we can eat without feeling guilty, while also enjoying those textures and tastes that we love. But how?