Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles

Mapping commercial space in a disrupted industry


Electric vehicles represent a significant disruption to the automotive industry and also provide new business opportunities. A supplier in the industry wanted to understand how the structure of the supply chain might evolve and where it could play and win. It asked Innovia to map the current and near future commercial space for key components of electric vehicles.


Our strategists explored market size, key players, growth potential and future manufacturing capacity, and our physicists examined different designs for electric-vehicle batteries, battery management systems and power trains to identify technical and manufacturing pain points and assess how the architecture might evolve. We generated a set of focused technical questions that needed to be answered to solve a specific component-level challenge.


The client developed concrete R&D projects based on our recommendations that could offer value to its customers in the short term. It also understood which capabilities it should strengthen to better serve the industry in the longer term. We supported the client in a subsequent project to answer several of the focused technical questions that we had identified.