News Aug 2021

New case study: Reducing lung cancer recurrence after surgery

Solutions to address the world’s deadliest diseases come from many different places. Innovia helped J&J identify and prioritise approaches to reduce lung cancer recurrence...

This case study covers our work with the Lung Cancer Initiative – it has an admirable mission and is working to tackle a huge healthcare challenge which aligns closely to our mission of changing the world for good through breakthrough innovation. J&J’s expertise in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer healthcare enables it to consider different ways to prevent, intercept, and cure. It asked Innovia to understand loco-regional lung cancer recurrence and explore how to reduce it after surgery. 

Having identified and prioritised the main drivers of recurrence, we provided a number of responses which helped J&J understand how it could reduce the risk of tumour recurrence. 

Read the full case study here – we’re really proud of this one: Reducing lung cancer recurrence after surgery.