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Johnson & Johnson

Reducing lung cancer recurrence after surgery


Johnson & Johnson’s Lung Cancer Initiative aims to deliver transformative solutions for the world’s deadliest form of cancer.

J&J’s expertise in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer healthcare enables it to consider different ways to prevent, intercept, and cure. It asked Innovia to understand loco-regional lung cancer recurrence and explore how to reduce it after surgery.


We identified and prioritised the main drivers of recurrence using a combination of literature review and structured thinking. We characterised the size of the clinical unmet need and the key drivers of commercial value.

We explored a range of different approaches to prevent tumour recurrence, spanning therapeutics, diagnostics, behaviour-change interventions, and the interactions between them. Together with J&J, we prioritised the approaches and performed additional assessments on areas of interest.


We helped J&J understand how it could reduce the risk of tumour recurrence. An advisory board of surgeons gave feedback on our solution directions, providing additional confidence in the directions selected for development.

We suggested certain established technologies that could be applied to this problem and identified novel solutions that could be effective in the short term. J&J has continued to assess emerging solutions based on the shared understanding of the recurrence problem that we created.