News Jun 2023

Food, glorious food!

Food and drink touches everyone in the world. Learn about current challenges and developments at the Food Hub.

Innovia is renowned for our love of food. Having started around a kitchen table, food is at the heart of our culture. And, nearly 25 years later, we still all stop at noon each day and eat together. Clients and potential Innovians alike love to come and sit with us to experience our conversations first hand.

It should come as no surprise then, that we’ve decided to collate and curate our experience, knowledge and know-how into a Food Hub. We are fortunate to work with many of the world’s biggest global food brands – serving them and their customers is both endlessly challenging and hugely fulfilling on a personal level.

Alex Massey leads us in all things Food and Beverage. A foodie both at work and at home, a queue quickly forms when he brings his culinary creations into the office. Why? Well, we know it’s going to taste really good and chances are, he’s likely done something experimental in the process.

The Food Hub is home to videos and deep dives which cover a multitude of topics including formulation flexibility, precision fermentation, nutrition and processing, sustainable packaging, modelling and digital twins, plant-based formulations and what Behavioural Science can offer the food sector.

We asked Alex for his thoughts on the launch: “What happens in the food and beverage industry affects us all, which makes the challenges in the industry particularly interesting to work on. Putting the Food and Beverage Hub together has allowed us to explore some of the areas that we find most fascinating, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

Innovia has so much deep technical knowledge and a breadth of experience in this sector. Where should you begin?
If you can lean in to the food puns, you could use the videos as a tasting menu – to decide what you’d like to know more on. Or perhaps you might take a traditional starters, mains and desserts based approach? With some food and beverage case studies as a palate cleanser between courses?

The challenges are complex and yet, there are myriad opportunities. We look forward to hearing on what resonates most for you.

The Food and Beverage Hub at Innovia Technology: