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Procter & Gamble

Developing breakthrough products: AIRIA and OPTE


Creating successful consumer products is notoriously difficult. The marketplace is crowded, the competition is fierce, and consumer attention is hard to win, let alone retain.


Innovia has contributed to P&G product development across the entire innovation process – from considering where to play and how to win, solving technical challenges, generating and protecting ideas, making the ideas real, and maximising the business impact of the products. Our holistic approach enables us to tackle complex challenges efficiently, ensuring that solutions are well-rounded, with a scientific basis, a compelling consumer proposition, and a solid business case.


We’ve recently helped P&G develop two breakthrough consumer products. AIRIA is a revolutionary response to whole-home scenting – a smart home fragrance system that delivers scent using patented capillary action and heating technology. The OPTE Precision Skincare System developed by P&G Ventures is the first at-home skincare device that scans the complexion and immediately corrects hyperpigmentation by precisely applying serum to blemishes. Both were launched at CES 2019 to widespread acclaim. OPTE was the eighth trending topic on Weibo and received four ‘best of’ and ’top pick’ awards.

The above shows a demonstration video of the Opté™ Precision Skincare product