News Feb 2024

The 16th American Food Innovate Summit – will we see you there?

If you're thinking about the next big challenge for food and beverages, let's talk...

When you think about the challenges facing the food and beverage sector what comes to mind?
Is it food scarcity, supply chain disruptions, shifting consumer preferences, or sustainability concerns? Or something else altogether? 

We expect that all of these topics and more will be front of mind for attendees at the 16th American Food Innovate Summit which takes place in Atlanta next month. Alex Massey and Kate Oliver are attending the summit in person on behalf of Innovia Technology. We’re looking forward to hearing all they learn about how people create, distribute and enjoy food. Alex and Kate are well placed to attend: Alex is Innovia Technology’s Food Sector Lead whilst Kate is an Innovation Consultant who specialises in food and packaging.

Alex said: “It’s always fascinating to hear how companies across the food industry are innovating in the face of new trends and uncertainties. I’m particularly interested in how companies are balancing their commitments to sustainability against the rising prices of ingredients.”

Kate added: “I am looking forward to attending the American Food Innovate summit for the first time, and hearing about ingenious solutions to food-based problems. I’m hoping Alex and I can have some stimulating conversations with new contacts, and maybe find some problems we can help with. I might even go back to my PhD and fit some soft matter and jelly chats in!”

Are you attending? If you are, please be sure to connect with Alex and Kate on LinkedIn ahead of the event. If you’re not attending but have an interest in food and beverages please also drop them a note – we’re sure they would particularly welcome recommendations on great places to eat in Atlanta! 

Alex Massey – LinkedIn
Kate Oliver – LinkedIn