News Jun 2024

Supporting EnterpriseWOMEN in Cambridge

Sharing our thoughts and experiences on innovation, challenging traditional models and reshaping markets.

Cambridge is an incredible place to work and live – when people join our team they tell us how they are surprised at the sheer number of opportunities available to learn and develop new skills. One of those new opportunities to learn came available this year, in the form of the EnterpriseWOMEN learning programme, which Dr Ghina Halabi is running at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Designed for women in the earlier stages of their entrepreneurial journey, it’s given them a new place and space to explore entrepreneurship, together. Our team are working with Dr Halabi to deliver a workshop on Tuesday 2nd July, on how to navigate constant technological shifts within scientific and technical domains.

We’ll be looking at how working holistically can help to innovate, challenge traditional models and reshape markets. Our speakers – Dr Eve Robertson-Waters, Dr Olivia Pang and Lily Clarke, are looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing on their experiences in the field.

As an Innovation Consultant, Eve uses her experience of 5 years academic surgical training in the NHS to help a broad range of clients take their innovation problems back to basics, and apply a biomedical science lens. Having also trained as a doctor, Olivia applies her clinical experience and first principles scientific knowledge to innovation challenges across a wide range of sectors, from food and beverage and FMCG, to medical and consumer health. An experimental physicist by training, Lily now acts a client relationship manager for some of Innovia’s largest consumer health and FMCG clients.

Lily Clarke said “The Innovia Technology team is so pleased to be supporting the EnterpriseWOMEN learning programme. Innovia’s mission is to change the world for good, through breakthrough innovation. That’s why we were so keen to support the work Ghina is doing with EnterpriseWOMEN.. We’re inspired by the breadth and depth of the ideas the cohort have – there’s so much potential to do good, improve lives and help people. We’re keen to do all we can to help these innovative ideas and businesses get off the ground and out into the world.”

Ghina Halabi added “Innovia Technology is hands down the perfect choice to deliver a workshop on breakthrough mindset and business model innovation. The insights and hands-on learning provided by Lily, Olivia, and Eve on adapting and innovating within diverse scientific and technical domains, exploring innovative alternatives, and challenging traditional business models will help EnterpriseWOMEN delegates future-proof their businesses. When we sat down to brainstorm the session, Honoria asked me how I find my speakers for EnterpriseWOMEN. In the spur of the moment, I said “magic!”—and it’s true. It’s the magic of Cambridge, the magic of networks, and the magic of being surrounded by awesome and smart people.”

If you’re attending and would like to connect with our speakers beforehand, you can find them on LinkedIn:
Dr Eve Robertson Waters
Dr Olivia Pang
Lily Clarke