News Dec 2022

Reflections on 2022 – and looking forward to 2023…

2022 has been an incredible year! What will 2023 hold?

As 2022 comes to a close we’ve been reflecting on the year. We’re delighted to be having more real-world face time with clients and colleagues alike – it’s been wonderful to share ideas and make new discoveries together.

We’ve continued to grow at a steady pace, welcomed new clients and deepened relationships with existing ones. We feel privileged to do the work we do, where we seek to deliver outstanding value on projects that will change the world for good.

In recent conversations we’ve asked clients which of our insights they’ve found most useful this year. Our Sustainability Hub has been particularly well received, sparking a number of exciting conversations which we’re looking forward to progressing in 2023. Our work on getting closer to the truth of what really matters to people, and better understanding emerging user groups, has been challenging but worthwhile. We’re proud of the contribution it’s made to P&G and PepsiCo. And our partnerships in healthcare have helped tackle diverse innovation challenges, ranging from revitalising front-end innovation processes to enabling faster wound healing. This work will be felt for years to come across Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson.

Clients have told us how they never cease to be amazed at the breadth of our work – who would think that you might spend your morning working on improving cattle welfare and your afternoon teaching people how to train robots?

Our ability to do this stems from our holistic approach to all we do – in bringing together scientists, engineers, strategist, designers, and behavioural scientists, we’re able to look at challenges with an entirely fresh perspective and find new ways to move the needle on problems that might otherwise be intractable.

And 2023, what will that hold? Would “more of the same” be too tall an order? We hope not! 23 years of working in partnership with our clients to help them outperform their competitors and change the world for good through breakthrough innovation unlocks levels of professional fulfilment that can be tricky to put into words. We’re grateful to every member of the team – together, we make it happen.