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Recruitment news: December 2022

↓ Roles available at Innovia Technology: December 2022

Wondering what you’ll do with yourself in the gap between Christmas and New Year?
Why not apply for a job at Innovia Technology?

Our holistic teams help our clients outperform their competitors and deliver breakthrough innovation that changes the world for good. We work together to come up with new products and services, solve problems, and much more.

We’re hiring Innovation Consultants from a wide range of backgrounds to play their part in disciplines within science, engineering, business, design, and human behaviour. Roles are suited to graduates, masters, PhDs, postdocs, and those with work experience. We’re particularly keen to hear from you if you have a vet, medical, engineering or behavioural science background as our work in these areas continues to grow.

We’re also looking for a study coordinator to support our fieldwork, and there’s just a few more days to apply for our summer internships.

Alongside interesting, fun and fulfilling work, Innovia Technology offers thorough onboarding, bespoke career development opportunities and genuine work/life balance. We’re looking for people who:

Have a desire for holistic small-team working with creative tension and mutual trust
Are motivated by the challenge of attacking complex and uncertain problems
Have a can-do attitude, adaptability, and are willing to take a creative leap to propose big changes which will be radically different.

We know that narrow perspectives and siloed knowledge can’t tackle the big, complicated problems industry and the world at large faces in transport, energy, health, food, and the environment. We’re looking for curious people with the desire to reach outside the boundaries of their discipline and integrate collective knowledge from many fields back together.

If this sounds like your next challenge, don’t delay – apply today! With the exception of the internships, there’s no closing date on our roles. We interview as candidates come in, so please don’t delay in submitting your application.

Learn more about life at Innovia Technology here: