News May 2022

New from Innovia Technology: The Sustainability Manifesto

The Targets Are Set. Now What?

We know we need to act to reduce the environmental impact of our businesses. We know we don’t have much time. Many companies have set bold sustainability targets for around 2030. They’re ambitious enough that we don’t yet know how we’ll achieve them, so we need to start now. Has there ever been a more exciting time to work in R&D, product design or innovation?

This brand-new piece shares our thinking on how organisations can utilise innovation as they work to meet their bold sustainability goals.

For Innovia, the time has come. We’ve spent two decades working with the best companies in the world on their toughest innovation challenges. These have often been about some of the planet’s most pressing problems, and it’s that work that we’ve often found the most meaningful and fulfilling. We’ve just updated our mission statement to include helping our clients to ‘change the world for good’, and ‘outperform their competitors through breakthrough innovation’. We think those two things go well together.
If they’re both important to you we’d love to make introductions.

The Targets Are Set. Now What? The Sustainability Manifesto

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