News Mar 2022

New case study: Revitalising front end innovation process

An organisation’s innovation process needs to facilitate the right kind of innovation. We helped Ethicon revitalise the front-end innovation process...

Ethicon and Innovia have worked in partnership for almost two decades on diverse innovation problems. We were asked to revitalise its front-end process, enabling bigger investment in breakthrough innovation and increasing agility to respond to new technologies.

Our shared philosophies and approaches are reflected in this work – it shows how we can help with innovation process, mindset and portfolio prioritisation. It also shows how we can collaborate very closely, working with stakeholders to develop a process, instead of creating a process externally and trying to impose it on existing structures. We can do this by combining our practical experience of delivering holistic front-end projects in different industries, our business & strategy expertise and our behavioural understanding. 

Learn more about what we did, how we did it and, why we did it here: Revitalising front end innovation process