News Oct 2023

New case study: Identifying value within vertical farming

Vertical farming – is it hype or a viable, sustainable solution? Innovia identified where vertical farming could deliver value…

Our new case study spotlights our ongoing work with PepsiCo.

We’ve all heard about vertical farming and seen the striking images of what the future could hold. Vertical farming has been hyped as a solution to sustainability challenges around land use, water use, and productivity. PepsiCo needed to know where use cases could be found for vertical farming – and what would have to change to unlock new ones.

On publishing, one of our team said that this was one of their favourite projects to date and we can see why – it’s great to dig in to emerging technology and understand how organisations can make use of them, assessing both the technical capabilities of the technology, and the commercial limitations of the space.

Learn more about how we approached the work here: Opportunities in vertical farming.