News Jan 2022

New case study: Getting closer to the truth of what matters to consumers

How the world’s leading consumer goods company is boosting its innovation capability by mastering behavioral science...

When there is an organisational challenge or a change management issue that needs to be addressed systematically, who should you go to? What approach should you take? 

P&G worked with Innovia because of our extensive knowledge and experience in applying behavioural science to real-world innovation challenges. P&G’s aim was to increase the use of behavioural science across the corporation and apply it to the process of developing superior science-based products that drive market growth. Taking a behavioural science approach enabled P&G to get closer to the truth of what really matters to consumers, to design products so good that consumers will recognise the difference, and to encourage sustainable consumption.

Read the full case study to understand more about how we built and enhanced their behavioural science capability to benefit customers and their lifestyles, and better commercial outcomes. You’ll also learn about how we made it possible for P&G to be as world leading in understanding and driving sustainable usage behaviour as it is in designing products that surprise and delight consumers.

Learn more about this exciting work here: Getting closer to the truth of what matters to consumers