News Oct 2023

New case study: Driving greater resilience within corn crops

Recent global events have put pressure on corn crops. Innovia identified where and how they can be affected within the supply chain to drive even greater resilience…

Our latest case study has started a number of interesting conversations, and with good reason. Corn is one of the world’s most important food crops, but global events have put pressure on the supply chain. General Mills thinks strategically about its supply flexibility, and is looking ahead to minimise the chance of disruption. We were asked to explore the properties, production, and processing of corn crops from a supply flexibility perspective.

World events and changing customer requirements has brought a new urgency to supply flexibility. Production used to be a demand-constrained business: food companies would make as much as they could sell, and suppliers would compete to supply the ingredients. These days, the whole industry is becoming more supply constrained: food companies are competing for supply, and in some cases they can’t make as much as they want to.

This case study shows just how much thinking needs to go into supply resiliency, even if you hope to never need to action it.

Learn more about how we approached the work here: Driving greater resilience within corn crops