News Nov 2021

New case study: Changing behaviour to improve cattle welfare

Changing established behaviours is most effective when the barriers to best-practice behaviour are known.

People care for farm animals, design the environments they live in, develop products to enable animal health and wellbeing, consume animal products, and set policies about welfare standards. Boehringer Ingelheim’s Farm Animal Well Being initiative knows that to effect change, it ultimately needs to understand and change the behaviour of people – especially farmers and veterinarians. It asked Innovia to design a behaviour-change programme to improve cattle wellbeing.

Effecting change is a multifaceted challenge – and one that Bohreinger Ingelheim and Innovia together, are well placed to tackle. Innovia led a workshop in an international forum, establishing consensus amongst a diverse group of stakeholders to focus our work on improving pain management during assisted calving. 

Read more about how we developed ideas focused on assisted calving that formed the basis of practical interventions to ultimately improve cattle wellbeing here: Changing behaviour to improve cattle welfare