News Aug 2021

New case study: Building an innovation strategy for foods

Delivering breakthrough innovation requires appropriate resource allocation. Innovia helped PepsiCo develop a strategy to enable growth over three horizons...

Innovia always enjoys working on projects for PepsiCo. They’re complex, challenging and require careful thought. And this one, on building an innovation strategy for foods, was no different. PepsiCo’s Foods business knew the importance of breakthrough innovation to meet its high growth aspirations, but it needed to appropriately rebalance its investment between current business drivers and future growth opportunities. It asked Innovia to collaboratively devise an innovation strategy and generate internal alignment around that strategy.

Take a look at the case study below to read about what we did, how we did it and what the results were. Our client, a senior director of R&D said that he was “really impressed with the frame up, the analytics on the trends and the depth behind the focus areas”.

Read the case study in full: Building an innovation strategy for foods