News Mar 2020

New case study: Body mapping for Smartwool Intraknit

For a performance technology to work effectively, it must be applied where it’s needed. Innovia performed experiments to learn where best to apply a technology...

Did you know that often, men’s and women’s clothes differ only in shape, despite other physiological differences between the sexes? Smartwool has expertise in knitting and identified that knitting innovation could enable garments that insulate and ventilate men’s and women’s bodies differently. It asked Innovia to explore how men’s and women’s bodies respond to exercise. We think this case study is going to go down in Innovia folklore – not least because Innovians were front and centre in the testing, in temperatures ranging from 0 to 40 degrees! 

Read the full case study to learn about perceptions of temperature and how Smartwool utilised the outcomes: Body mapping for Smartwool Intraknit