News Jul 2022

Making new friends and chatting with old ones…

Guen Bradbury and Ben Rose talk intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship* is an exciting topic – and something that comes up frequently in conversation here at Innovia. Guen Bradbury and Ben Rose joined Jason Mellad (himself a proud Innovian Alumni!) and Simon Bittleson recently to talk about how organisations could encourage it to flourish in very practical ways. They started out with brainstorming but soon went onto other areas. The podcast was initially booked as a ten minute chat, but soon went to twenty. There was such a good flow of conversation that they all stayed on to record another podcast there and then!

If you’d like to hear the conversation, you’ll need to be signed up to Driving Growth Through Innovation And Intrapreneurship from the University of Cambridge – it’s an online course, with cohorts starting throughout the year. If you’d like to connect with Guen or Ben, their details are below.

LinkedIn: Guen Bradbury
LinkedIn: Ben Rose

Cambridge Online: Driving Growth Through Innovation And Intrapreneurship

*An intrapreneur is an employee who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a new product or service. An intrapreneur brings entrepreneurial thinking and skills to build… within the structure of an existing organisation. (Cambridge dictionary).