News Mar 2023

Innovation in practise – the podcast

Innovation in practise: a podcast with Innovian Alumnus Eden Simkins.

As an intern at Innovia Technology, Eden Simkins had a unique opportunity to understand how Innovia tackles complex challenges. It was great to catch up with her as she completes her degree in Physics with Innovation at Bristol University. She asked the team to take part in a podcast on Innovation in Practise, which is part of a final year project. Haruka Kobayashi, Lily Clarke, and Shreyas Mukund were all keen to contribute to the conversation and this video shares how the conversation unfolded.

We covered:
Innovia Technology’s approach to making breakthrough innovation happen for some of the biggest, most complex challenges global companies are facing.
How Innovia’s culture supports innovation and can be spotted in everyday interactions with the team.
Barriers to breakthrough innovation – and how they can be overcome.
Advice for businesses which want to develop their innovation practises.

As ever, if you’d like to know more about Innovia and how we approach complex challenges which have the potential to change the world for good, please connect with any of our team or email – we’re always happy to talk about any of these areas!

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