News Mar 2024

Fresh Perspectives – is there life outside of the lab?

What does life look like post PhD? Learn more from Stuart Keppie...

If you were to enter the phrase “fresh perspective” into Google’s search bar, you’d get a staggering 47 million results. But beyond the digital realm, what does this concept mean, and why should we pay attention to it?

Stuart Keppie will be talking about this and more when he speaks at the Royal Society, to PhD students on Wednesday 27th March. The event will bring together PhD students funded by the Royal Society and help them consider their future careers beyond their doctorates.

“I’m delighted to be speaking at the Royal Society. I’m looking forward to reflecting on my career trajectory and the learnings I have taken from my PhD into professional life. Although it is now a number of years since I completed my PhD, it was events like this that opened my eyes to the breadth and suitability of careers ‘outside the laboratory’.”

Stuart Keppie

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