News Sep 2019

Behavioural Science for Better Marketing – B2B Marketing Leaders Forum 2019

Come and listen to innovation consultant Dr Helena Rubinstein speak at The B2B Marketing Leaders Forum 2019 on 12 September in London.

We help our clients to sell products and services more effectively behavioural science enables better marketing. One of our consultants, Dr Helena Rubinstein, will be talking on this subject at the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum on 12 September.



Dr Helena Rubinstein is an innovation consultant with a background in behavioural science. She previously worked in advertising, branding and corporate communications. She works with global corporations such as P&G, Shell and Heineken on behaviour change programmes and on developing breakthrough innovations that are desirable, and easy and intuitive to use. In addition, Helena lectures in the department of psychology at the University of Cambridge. She is the author of Applying Behavioural Science in the Private Sector: Decoding What People Say and What They Do (Palgrave MacMillan).


People lie at the heart of businesses – they are run by people, for people. For business success, understanding people and their behaviours, is a necessity. An evidence-based, scientific approach gives businesses a greater chance of success.

B2B marketers believe that their customers behave far more rationally than B2C buyers. But in reality, B2B customers suffer from the same decision-making biases as everyone else and are not as rational as B2B marketers believe. By using a behavioural science approach, B2B marketers can really understand their customers’ behaviours, can focus on the right solutions to influence their behaviour, and have confidence to invest on those solutions because they are more likely to be effective.

This talk will describe how behavioural science principles can help you to understand your customers so you can better predict their behaviour; ways to assess whether your offering meets your customers’ needs and how to identify and overcome barriers to purchase.

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