News Oct 2022

Alex Hellawell and Stephen Lovelock attend FT Global Pharma and BioTech Summit 2022

An exciting time to work in pharmaceutical innovation...

It’s an exciting time to work in pharmaceutical innovation. The world is emerging from a pandemic and the industry has a renewed sense of what’s possible in terms of bringing innovative new treatments to market. The Global Pharma and Biotech Summit presents a great opportunity for Alex Hellawell and Stephen Lovelock to understand more on the concerns which remain around health equity and access to healthcare across the world, both in developed countries and emerging markets, along with the latest trends and innovations in life sciences.

Stephen Lovelock said: “I’m looking forward to reconnecting with Pharma and discussing how innovation is continuing to drive us towards better outcomes for patients and the planet.”

Alex Hellawell added: “Following several years of virtual conferences I’m keen to meet in person again at the FT Pharma and Biotech conference. There’s tremendous opportunity to deliver greater benefits to patients, healthcare systems and society if we can holistically combine developments in the underlying science and technology with innovation in the patient experience, stakeholder behaviour change, product design and the business model.”

Are you attending? Please connect with Stephen and Alex on LinkedIn beforehand. They’re always interested in talking about the myriad partnerships between healthcare and innovation and would love to hear about your experiences in this area.

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