Protein stabilisation

Protein stabilisation

Engineering biology to make better products


Proteins work best in their natural environments. When they are exposed to different conditions, such as in a drug formulation, they can change conformation and lose efficacy. Our client wanted to preserve the specific functionality of a cofactor–protein complex during high-temperature processing and prolonged storage.


We considered the physicochemical properties of the cofactor and explored the mechanisms that cause loss of functionality in this formulation. We used molecular modelling and structural biology data to identify the parts of the protein that needed protecting. We created ideas to protect the complex from these mechanisms and suggested how to assess their affordability and scalability.


We helped the client to navigate a wide range of possibilities and identify a small subset that were realistically achievable in a commercial timescale. This subset represented new and proprietary ways of solving an industry-wide problem, and we gave the client an experimental plan to validate them. We’re supporting the client as they continue to test and refine these ideas.