Together, we make
breakthrough innovation happen.

We are an innovation consultancy specialising in the front end of innovation, working with the best companies in the world to create opportunities for growth.

Our Clients

We're proud of the fact that we've helped several of our clients innovate on over 100 different projects.

“ Over the past 4 years at VF, we’ve created over $1bn of innovation... Innovia has been one of our best partners in achieving this. ”

– Soon Yu, VP – Global Innovation, VF Corporation

“ We like working with you. You make us think outside our boxes, but presented in a very methodological way. ”

– Global Platform Director

“ We couldn’t have come up with the idea you did. ”

– R&D Director

“ You gave it 100% at short notice with little briefing. ”

– Program Director, Chemistry

“ What I like about Innovia is its mix of competencies from extremely different fields, combined on a project-basis. ”

– Giuseppe Musciacchio, Co-COO, arena

Example Case Studies

What makes us better?

We call it holistic innovation

We combine creativity with structure, drawing on a wide range of capabilities.

Our solutions work well and drive growth: they are emotionally compelling and commercially effective.

We’re agile and responsive, delivering just what you need to make it happen.