Working together (apart) in 2020 A message to our clients

The spread of coronavirus is impacting us all. We understand that your supply chains are disrupted, your offices may be closed, and your customers may be buying less. Yet in these challenging times the world needs science and innovation more than ever. We think our diverse skills can make a difference, and we’re adapting to help you to keep innovating and come out stronger the other side.

Safety first
Before governments dictated it, Innovia made the decision not to travel. The safety of our team, our clients, and the wider public is the top priority. We’ve taken a wide range of hygiene precautions in our office, and are now working from home.

We believe that face to face interactions are important for working effectively with each other and with our clients. But we’re well placed to adapt.

We’ve always allowed our team to work from home and used video conferencing to reduce travel where we can. We’ll be innovating on how to energise our teams’ creativity remotely, and on running video-workshops with our clients.

We’re just a (video) call away
We’re likely to be working from home a lot and expect that many of you will be too. While we do, we’d really love to hear from you!

Our reception (+44 1223 248888) can put you through to any of our team wherever they are. And let’s turn on the video if we can, we’d love to see you.

And knowing our clients, we expect that many of you will be making the case to your organisations to use this time to keep innovating and emerge stronger.

Let’s work together on how we can work together in these uncertain times.

Stay healthy,