Training people to innovate better


Who would you get to train you how to fix your car – a NASCAR mechanic, or a professional trainer? Both have advantages: The mechanic really understands the subject; the trainer knows how best to help people learn new skills. One of our long-standing clients asked us to train their staff to perform the innovation “magic” that they had seen us deliver on their programs. The challenge was to make our processes accessible, and to present them in a compelling, memorable way.


First, we took a long hard look at how we do things and boiled out 2 guiding principles and 6 key tools. Next, we used our skills in workshop facilitation and graphical communication to create an immersive training course that involves small bursts of ‘teaching’ followed by longer sessions of participative guided practice of the tools and techniques.


Our client was delighted: “I didn’t think I could be innovative, now I know I AM!” said one attendee. “Best training I’ve ever had” said another. Our models and tools are now widely used within the client’s own practice.