VF Corporation

VF Corporation

Integrating science and design to revolutionise workwear


VF Imagewear – the workwear arm of VF, the world’s largest apparel company – took on its customer’s challenge to improve flexibility and comfort of its clothing. It identified the key movements that workers need to perform, and asked Innovia for a set of design guidelines for clothing with mobility in mind.


Innovia deployed a multidisciplinary team including scientists, engineers and designers to research and understand in practice how the body moves, and its relationship with garments, to generate a new theory of garment design. We then identified technologies and technology partners to bring the theory to life in a way that would inform and inspire VF’s design team.


We created a series of design guides and methodologies to transfer our knowledge of the area, as well as delivering supporting concepts. This collaboration with VF and our technology partners has set the foundation for VF’s MIMIX™ brand – a first of its kind apparel technology engineered to help your work clothes move with you, without restriction. A patent has been issued for the process, and patents are pending for the designs.

Teamwork: Innovia’s designer and scientist working with the identified technology partners. VF and Innovia collaborated closely to transfer knowledge.