VF Corporation

VF Corporation

Envisioning the future of apparel


VF Corporation is a global leader in apparel with over 30 international brands, such as The North Face, Wrangler, Lee and Vans. VF asked Innovia to help it identify, evaluate and develop new strategic opportunities in apparel.


Innovia helped VF to develop a fresh perspective on the future of apparel by exploring diverse sources and tools, such as trend analyses, scenarios, personas and alternative apparel experiences. We created a range of strategic opportunity areas and helped VF to prioritize these at an interactive leadership event. Innovia subsequently helped VF to bring several of these opportunities to life with visualisations, and to assess the technical and commercial uncertainties, e.g. through size of the prize estimates.


VF now has a pipeline of strategic innovation opportunities that it is taking forward, several with Innovia's help.