The New World of Work


“The times they are a-changin" – While Bob Dylan's song points somewhat starkly to an "order rapidly fading", staff at SABMiller see a big positive, particularly in the context of their growing businesses in Africa. Tomorrow’s operators will be smart phone savvy, and comfortable with hands-off control of complex processes. In day-to-day operations they will be able to quickly draw upon the expertise of professional global networks. Routine shop floor jobs will be supplanted by dynamic task lists, enabling a step change in process flexibility and plant readiness. Manufacturing operations will be integrated across sites and across the wider supply chain.


SABMiller partnered Innovia to explore opportunities in the new world of work, in particular the design of early pilots to provide a learning platform and to develop the business case.


To communicate our thinking we showed a day in the life of a plant operator and the subtle interplay of production, preventative maintenance and process improvement. Tomorrow’s operators might be swiping their thumbs, but they won’t be twiddling them!