NV Bekaert

NV Bekaert

Discovering new applications for steel fibres


Bekaert is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. The company delivers superior value to its customers around the world with a wide variety of steel products and solutions. Bekaert’s steel fibre applications, for instance, span conductive textiles to filtration and glass forming to conductive plastics. Bekaert wanted this high-growth business to grow even faster.


The basic properties and functions of the product quickly led us to innumerable potential new applications. The real challenge was to understand exactly where Bekaert’s fibres could have a unique advantage over competing suppliers and alternative materials. Using our broad industry experience, and drawing insights from patents and academic literature, we sized and prioritised the market opportunities.


Toys, sustainable homes, infrastructure and surgery seemed like promising new markets for Bekaert. Using our networks, we were able to make introductions to relevant parties, and Bekaert is now building relationships in exciting fresh domains to grow this business organically.