Presenting information to surgeons in real time


In an operating room, hundreds of decisions, notifications and alarms compete for a share of the surgeon’s attention. How do you cut through this mental noise to deliver crucial information to save the patient’s life?


When asked this question by an international leader in surgical equipment, Innovia approached it from several angles. Our biomedical scientists and surgeons looked at the relative importance of different types of information and trends, and our behavioural science team developed ways to present the filtered and ranked information clearly. We created concepts that worked at different scales, ranging from inventions in haptic and visual communication, to much broader strategy moves. These would allow our client to take control of the disorganised cloud of data in the O.R. and present it to the surgeon in a way that is complete without being overwhelming.


Multiple concepts are being taken forward, which will allow our client to capture and communicate complex surgical information in real time.