Laird Group plc

Laird Group plc

Evaluating acquisitions of wireless  antenna technologies


Laird Technologies is a global supplier to the electronics industry for RFI shielding and heat management components. Laird asked Innovia to help it select acquisitions in the manufacture of wireless handset antennas (e.g. for cellphones and GPS).


Innovia first reviewed a set of high-tech companies with the latest antenna technologies, to get a view for future market developments. We then studied the technology and patent position of Centurion, one of the world's biggest antenna manufacturers. Following in-depth investigation of Centurion’s capabilities and technology roadmap, and interviews with their CTO, Innovia confirmed Centurion’s suitability. The acquisition went ahead for just over £100 million.


Laird Technologies is now a fully integrated global supplier to the telecoms market, and continues to expand into fields such as WiFi and telematics.