Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz

Improving manufacture of natural cheese


Kraft produces some of America’s best-loved cheeses, but it must innovate constantly to stay ahead in the marketplace. Natural cheese presents a particular challenge for innovation because of strict regulations and the sensitivity of the end product to the manufacturing process. Kraft asked Innovia to help identify approaches and technologies for the natural cheese-making process of the future.


We built a first-principles understanding of the mouthfeel and flavour of cheese by considering interactions of micro-scale protein structure, oral colloid rheology, and bulk elastic properties. Using this model, we created a set of approaches for accelerating the manufacturing process without affecting the consumer experience. We then developed these approaches into technology platforms, and defined their productivity benefits.


The joint team gained insight by integrating Kraft's deep cheese expertise with Innovia's experience in complementary businesses and technologies. It identified several key platforms with the potential to reinvent the manufacture of natural cheese.