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Johnson & Johnson

Sticking like a Limpet? No, better actually . . .


When it comes to the glue, limpets are outclassed by mussels which have much smaller contact area. Not only do mussels adhere to wet surfaces, but they manage to stay there, even when pounded by highly turbulent, salty, abrasive-filled water. Their secret? A unique bio-adhesive, which intrigues material scientists and product designers alike. However, replicating its performance in personal care products is a major challenge, especially when the adhesion needs to be at least partially reversible. J&J, a major producer of personal-care products, asked Innovia to suggest innovative ways to enable long-lasting, but non-permanent wet adhesion.


Different problems in wet adhesion arise depending on what is being stuck, the substrate, and the environmental factors during initial application and long-term adhesion. Innovia and J&J selected a subset of key challenges in wet adhesion that applied closely to J&J’s products. We then concentrated our scientific analysis and creative exploration on solutions to overcome the challenges.


As a result, J&J has a portfolio of approaches to improve wet adhesion in many of its products, that will ultimately deliver new and valuable consumer benefits.