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J&J Vision Care

Demonstrating visual benefits of toric contact lenses


Astigmatism, a condition where the eyeballs are not spherical, is a common cause of blurry vision. For people with astigmatism, standard spherical contact lenses don’t restore vision as well as JJVC’s Acuvue toric lenses. JJVC asked Innovia to create a new test to highlight the benefits of these lenses.


We went back to optical physics and the psychology of visual perception to identify and prototype ways to make the difference seem noticeable, important and engaging. The winning concept demonstrated the advantages of the lenses when viewing a rendered scene.


85% of people who used the test were motivated to try out toric lenses. The methodology has been patented, reported in a scientific paper and presented at an international conference. It is now being used by opticians across the UK, to help patients get the very best vision correction.