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J&J Vision Care

Seeing the World Clearly


Most of us will have seen a Snellen chart – some more clearly than others.
... Rows of. . . increasingly. . . tiny letters
have been used by opticians to measure visual acuity since the 19th century. Vistakon challenged Innovia to create a new vision test with a "wow"! It wanted to show people with slight astigmatism the visual benefits of Acuvue's toric lenses, over settling for spherical lenses and imperfect vision.


We went back to optical physics and the psychology of visual perception to identify and prototype ways to make the visual difference seem noticeable, important and engaging. The winner was a rendered scene: 85% of people who used it were motivated to try out toric lenses.


The methodology has been patented, reported in a scientific paper and presented at an international conference. It is now being used by opticians across the UK, to help patients get the very best vision correction.